Inventory Management

Brightbin is the most complete system to speed up and simplify the management of any type of inventory

Turn on the light in your inventory!

Welcome to Brightbin, where exceptional inventory management software meets the revolutionary Pick-to-Light (P2L).

Our cutting-edge technology transforms inventory operations by providing a visual guide for precise item picking, reducing errors, and boosting overall efficiency.

Brightbin goes beyond typical inventory solutions, offering a seamless integration of advanced management tools and groundbreaking Pick-To-Light technology, setting a new standard for warehouse excellence.

From personal collectors to small and medium enterprises‘ warehouses, Brightbin is tailored to suit any inventory needs.

Experience the future of efficient inventory management with Brightbin.

Brightbin Dashboard

Discover the power of the Brightbin Dashboard – a complete platform for effortless inventory management.

Easily organize items, information, quantities, alerts, and locations all in one place.
Streamline your operations and enhance efficiency with our user-friendly dashboard, making inventory management a breeze.

Brightbin Dashboard: simplicity and effectiveness in one.

Brightbin P2L

The P2L system is a revolutionary technology designed to streamline and enhance the order picking process in inventories and warehouses. It uses LED lights, placed on shelving or storage locations, to guide operators to the exact location of items to be picked or the designated spot for placing an item.

The P2L illuminates the precise location of items, providing clear guidance during the picking and placing processes.
Brightbin’s P2L significantly reduces errors, increases productivity, and improves overall operational efficiency in logistics and inventory management.

save money and time

Simplify every operation and save time with Brightbin

How much time do you spend each day to search, catalog and organize the items of your inventory?
Each hour “lost” in these operations is an hour that you could dedicate to your work, your hobbies, your family or even just enjoying your collection.

Brightbin allows you to minimize the time spent in these procedures, allowing you to invest it in the activities you prefer: find out how much you can save!

How many items do you look for per day?

--1 ---10 --100 1000

How long does it take to find them?

10 sec 1 min 3 min 5 min

How much is 1 hour of your time worth?

10 $ 25 $ 50 $ 100 $

With Brightbin you could save

0 $/month

Discover how Brightbin can make
your inventory intelligent

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