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Everything you need to manage your collection like a pro: Brightbin puts intelligence in your inventory!

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Turn on the light in your inventory!

Brightbin is the most complete system to speed up and simplify the management of any type of inventory.

It allows you to digitally catalog your items through a simple and intuitive Dashboard. Brightbin also acts as a link between your digital inventory and your physical collection. All this thanks to the innovative Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light functions, which allow you to instantly locate the correct position of each item.

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What's included
in Brightbin?

Brightbin Dashboard

With Brightbin you will have access to all the functions of the Dashboard with no limitations to the creation of your digital inventory. The Dashboard is entirely Web based and accessible anytime from any device.

Brightbin P2L (Pick to Light) system

The P2L system can be applied to any type of cabinet or pre-existing inventory system. It is available in two flavors:

  • P2LK (Pick to Light Kit), a Do-It-Yourself kit that allows you to add Pick To Light functionality to your own inventory: shelves, bookshelves, drawers, containers or not supported (yet) cabinets
  • P2LC (Pick to Light Controller), Just the essentials: Brightbin controller. All the rest: wires, LED strips, connectors, …, and creativity are on you!

Brightbin Scanner

The Brightbin Scanner allows you to identify the items of your inventory thanks to our proprietary Computer Vision AI technology DART. It consists of a lightbox equipped with a high-resolution camera and LEDs for illuminating the item. 

Brightbin features

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Pick to Light

Find what you’re looking for in a blink of an eye!

Stop wasting time searching through hundreds of identical bins: with Brightbin , a click is enough to illuminate the exact location of the item you are looking for!

Put to Light

Identify any item and find the correct place for it!

With Brightbin, every item finds its place right away: once you identify an item with our Scanner, or with the Dashboard, you can light up the correct bin in which to store it!

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Voice control

Use your voice to control Brightbin

save money and time

Simplify every operation and save time with Brightbin

How much time do you spend each day to search, catalog and organize the items of your inventory? Each hour “lost” in these operations is an hour that you could dedicate to your work, your hobbies, your family or even just enjoying your collection.

Brightbin allows you to minimize the time spent in these procedures, allowing you to invest it in the activities you prefer: find out how much you can save!

How many items do you look for per day?

--1 ---10 --100 1000

How long does it take to find them?

10 sec 1 min 3 min 5 min

How much is 1 hour of your time worth?

10 $ 25 $ 50 $ 100 $

With Brightbin you could save

0 $/month

Discover how Brightbin can make
your inventory intelligent

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