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Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Brightbin is a cloud-based service and therefore you need an internet connection to enjoy its features.


Do I need the Wi-Fi?

Only to turn on and off the LEDs in your cabinets, drawers or shelves.
With a wired internet connection only you can still access all other features of the Brightbin Dashboard.

Brightbin P2LD, P2LK & P2LC

What is the difference between P2LD, P2LK and P2LC?

The Pick To Light Device (P2LD) is a Plug & Play add-on for your cabinet.
It comes in different shapes and sizes to fit a specific cabinet.


The Pick To Light kit (P2LK) is a DIY kit that allows you to add Pick To Light functionality to your own inventory: shelves, bookshelves, drawers, containers or not supported cabinets.


P2LC (Pick to Light Controller), Just the essentials: Brightbin controller. All the rest: wires, LED strips, connectors, ..., and creativity are on you!

Is there a P2LD compatible with my cabinet?

We offer a number of P2LD compatible with the most common cabinets including Stanley, Akro-Mils and more. This is a list of supported make/model cabinets. This list is continuously updated with new cabinets

  • Akro-Mils 10116 – 16 bins
  • Akro-Mils 10124 – 24 bins
  • Akro-Mils 10126 – 26 bins
  • Akro-Mils 10144 – 44 bins
  • Akro-Mils 10164 – 64 bins
  • Craftsman CMST40709 Large 9
  • Craftsman CMST40730 Small 30
  • Craftsman CMST40739 Large & Small 39
  • IRIS USA 24 Drawer
  • IRIS USA 26 Drawer
  • IRIS USA 44 Drawer
  • IRIS USA 64 Drawer
  • Princess Auto 64-Drawer Parts
  • Stalwart HW2200012 – 12 bins
  • Stalwart HW2200013 – 24 bins
  • Stalwart HW2200016 – 40 bins
  • Stalwart HW2200014 – 44 bins
  • Stalwart HW2200017 – 64 bins
  • Stanley 1-93-978 – 9 bins
  • Stanley 1-93-980 – 30 bins
  • Stanley 1-93-981 – 39 bins
  • Uline H5578 – 26 bins
  • Uline H5579 – 44 bins
My cabinet is not supported. What can I do?

In case your cabinet is not supported yet, please send an email to info@brightbin.io specifying cabinet’s make and model. If there is enough requests for that specific cabinet, we will create the corresponding P2LD.
In the meantime you can use your DIY skills to adapt our Brightbin P2LK to your cabinets.

I do not have cabinets. Can I use Brightbin P2LK with my storage system?

Yes. You can apply one ore more P2LK to your storage system with a little of creativity and work. You will also find useful suggestions to apply the P2LK on very different storage systems (cabinets, shelves, containers, …) in the DIY section.

Does the P2LD (P2LK) require power supply?

Yes. The P2LD (P2LK) is powered with Micro USB jack. The power supply can be either provided by a power bank or the standard home grid with an adaptor. You can find cables, power banks and adaptors in our Store.

Can I power multiple P2LD (P2LK) with a single power source?

Yes. In our store you can find USB splitters that allow you to provide power to two different devices. You can put multiple devices in series and power them all. The number of P2LD (P2LK) you can actually put in series with a single power source depends on the characteristics of the power source and the specific devices.

Can I use custom colors to light up my bins?

Sure! You can custom Brightbin according to your style with a different color for each bin. You can also use a color code to retrieve items in different compartments of the same bin: for example,  RED >> 1st compartment, BLUE >> 2nd, GREEN >> 3rd, …
You can use our pre-defined colors or choose your own from the Dashboard.

Brightbin Scanner

How does the scanner work?

The scanner uses the most advanced computer vision technology to identify your items. To identify an item of your database, place it in the scanner and click the “Scan” button. Brightbin will show you a list of items sorted by match probability. The system must be trained for the identification of an item before it can identify such item. The training is extremely easy and fast. 

How does the training work?

The identification requires to train the system with sample images of each item you want to identify. The training can be done incrementally on-the-fly with just a few images (1-10) for each item. The identification of an item is available a couple of minutes after the submission of its sample images.

Does the Scanner require power supply?

Yes. It is provided through a USB cable by the PC or laptop you use to scan your items.

My items have barcodes (QR codes), can I use the scanner to read them?

Yes. The scanner is equipped with a high resolution camera and you can use it to read barcodes, QR codes to identify and catalog your items. You can also read text with the OCR function and you can associate all the text to your items.

Brightbin Dashboard

What is the Pick-to-Light function?

To quickly retrieve an item in your inventory, click “Show location” on the Dashboard. The LED in the corresponding bin will turn on, guiding you to the correct location without losing time. Remember that with Pick-to-Light we also generally refer to both Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light functions.


What is the Put-to-Light function?

To put an item back in its bin, click “Show location” on the Dashboard. The LED in the corresponding bin will turn on, showing you the correct location.


Can I create picking lists/orders?

Yes. You can create your own picking lists and orders to speed up even more your picking operations.
You can also visualize your picking list directly in your smartphone to ease the picking. You can create a picking list in the Picking list section of the Dashboard.


What is a reorder point alert?

The order point alert warns you when the quantity of a specific item goes below a given amount to avoid running out of it. You can set a reorder point alert for each of your items from the Dashboard.


How can I find empty bins in my cabinets?

Click “Show empty bins” button in the Dashboard. The LEDs of all the empty bins will turn.


What is the automatic allocation?

The automatic allocation assigns bins to the selected items automatically. Such bins are chosen from the empty bins. This function is particularly useful at startup, when you need to inventory all your items from scratch.

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