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do i need an internet connection?

Yes. Brightbin is a cloud-based service and therefore you need an internet connection to enjoy its features.


Do I need the Wi-Fi?

Only to turn on and off the LEDs in your cabinets, drawers or shelves.
With a wired internet connection only you can still access all other features of the Brightbin Dashboard.


Can I use the dashboard for inventory management without using the P2L?

Of course, you can use the dashboard with all its features.


Can I export my inventory?

Yes, you can export your inventory in various formats including PDF, CSV, XLSX to use it in third-party software.
You can also import it in CSV format.


Does the p2l require power supply?

Yes. The P2L is powered with USB-C jack.
The power supply can be either provided by a power bank or the standard home grid with an adaptor.


Can I power multiple P2L with a single power source?

Yes. In our store you can find USB splitters that allow you to provide power to two different devices.
You can put multiple devices in series and power them all. The number of P2L you can actually put in series with a single power source depends on the characteristics of the power source and the specific devices.


Can I use custom colors to light up my bins?

Sure! You can custom Brightbin according to your style with a different color for each bin.
You can also use a color code to retrieve items in different compartments of the same bin:
for example,  RED >> 1st compartment, BLUE >> 2nd, GREEN >> 3rd, …
You can use our pre-defined colors or choose your own from the Dashboard.


What is the Pick-to-Light function?

To quickly retrieve an item in your inventory, click “Show location” on the Dashboard.
The LED in the corresponding bin will turn on, guiding you to the correct location without losing time. Remember that with Pick-to-Light we also generally refer to both Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light functions.


What is the Put-to-Light function?

To put an item back in its bin, click “Show location” on the Dashboard.
The LED in the corresponding bin will turn on, showing you the correct location.


Can I create picking lists?

Yes. You can create your own picking lists and orders to speed up even more your picking operations.
You can also visualize your picking list directly in your smartphone to ease the picking. You can create a picking list in the Picking list section of the Dashboard.


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