P2L Features

Unlock the full potential of your inventory operations with the exceptional features of Brightbin’s unique Pick-To-Light.


Brightbin's P2LC (Pick-to-light controller), the backbone of our Pick-to-Light system, operates on microcontrollers connected through Wi-Fi. This cutting-edge technology ensures seamless communication, allowing for real-time updates and precise control of your inventory management system.

Empower your P2LC effortlessly by linking it to a 5V USB power source through the USB connector. The LED strip seamlessly connects to the P2LC using a dedicated connector, efficiently transmitting both power and data.


Brightbin's adhesive LED strips, powered directly by P2LC at 5V, eliminate the need for external power sources. Configurable through the Dashboard, these strips enable the assignment of distinct colors to items or locations. With a high LED count, even the smallest locations can be precisely addressed, providing unparalleled precision and adaptability in your inventory management journey.

Designed to fit seamlessly into any shelving unit, existing warehouse structures, and compact enough to snugly reside within Bosch Rexroth or similar profiles, Brightbin brings adaptability to every corner of your storage space.

The LED strips can be easily placed inside dedicated magnetic or adhesive channels, offering an elegant and secure setup.

The LED strips can be cut with scissors, allowing for customization to fit any type of shelving.

Brightbin's LED strips are designed with adhesive backing, making them incredibly easy to position on any type of warehouse, inventory, library, and more. With this convenient feature, you can effortlessly install the LED strips wherever needed, ensuring optimal visibility and efficiency in your space.

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