Brightbin Features

Explore a wealth of inventory management features awaiting you on the Brightbin dashboard, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance and simplify your inventory control.

3-level inventory

Revolutionize your inventory management with Brightbin's advanced capabilities, accelerating processes by providing a detailed digital replica of your physical inventory. Capture up to three levels of depth, including specific locations and sub-locations, for swift and efficient tracking.

picking lists

Combine the power of our P2L system with our intuitive picking list management feature to achieve a flawless and swift inventory process, ensuring zero errors and maximum productivity.

items management

Our intuitive design streamlines the process, ensuring effortless management of your inventory. Whether you're adding new items or updating existing ones, our interface simplifies the task with clarity and efficiency.

Qr, barcode generation

With Brightbin's advanced capabilities, you can effortlessly generate QR codes and barcodes for your items. Our system allows you to export picking lists in various formats, including a printable PDF complete with generated barcodes for each item. This seamless integration enhances precision and expedites your inventory processes with ease.

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